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Curriculum Vitae

Gertjan Adema (Bolsward, The Netherlands, 1971)

Gertjan Adema performs with his innovative productions at all kinds of festivals and stages. He works multidisciplinary with live music, soundscape, light, dance and kinetic installations.

For light-art festivals he makes kinetic stand-alone installations. He uses toys to create a meditative, playful and alienating ambience. The design of his kinetic installations starts with a few basic shapes and/or techniques, which he deforms and combines into a new structure. For applying these techniques he studies them thoroughly so he can mix, change and manipulate them. Playfulness, repetition, geometry and alienation play an important role in this. In addition, the artwork can be a reason to ask questions to the public. Recognition and playfulness must ensure that the work of art is attractive to a wide audience, the interplay of movement and form, and the layering of structures must ensure that it is artistically interesting. With using contradictions and similarities his work is not unambiguous so there is space left for the audience to discover its own images.

With use of crowdfunding he managed to renovate the giant humming tops of the Dutch composer Peter Schat (1935-2003). With these tops he has a production with dance, live-music and soundscape.

Together with Nazeer Abdulhai he has a duo with ud (Arabic lute) and guitar. This duo uses improvised and composed music with a large range of variety in styles and makes a beautiful en exceptional connection between Eastern and Western music.

Gertjan plays solo classical guitar, with music from Spain and Latin America, Arabic inspired music, ballads from Persia and raga's from India. Some of his music is recorded on video- presentations.

After his study mechanical engineering at the University of Twente Gertjan worked as aerodynamic designer of wind-turbine blades. He studied classical guitar at the conservatory of Zwolle by Jacob Vlijm, with masterclasses from Odair Assad, Michael Tröster and Carlo Marchioni.

Performance: Humming around and around ...
Spectacular giant humming tops, together with dance and live music, transport you into their movement and sound, providing a playful and enchanting performance.

Wie is er doorgedraaid? - demo:


Kinetic installation 'Fragmented Appearances'
A giant humming top with mirror mosaic plays with movement, ligh and sound.
Height installation 2,2m

Fragmented Appearances - demo:


Festivals & Exhibitions:

Woest & Bijster - Bennekom (The Netherlands) 20-28 October 2018

Jyväskylä - City of Light 2019 (Finland) 26-28 September 2019

aftermovie festival

De Tuin der Lusten (The Netherlands) 12-14 December 2019

Orbitfest Groningen (The Netherlands) 21-22 December 2019 (artiest in focus)

interview youtube

aftermovie festival

Luminale 2020 - Frankfurt/Offenbach (Germany) 12-15 March 2020

Startpagina Luminale

Wie is er Doorgedraaid? - Zwolle (The Netherlands) 29 Aug. 2020

article newspaper

University of Twente (The Netherlands) - 31 Aug. - 15 Sept 2020

article newspaper

article newspaper

Berlin Leuchtet (Germany) - 25 Sept. - 4 Oct. 2020

Proto Zwolle 2021 (The Netherlands) - 24 June - 11 Juli 2021

Co-Workersday (The Netherlands) - 11 Dec 2021

Winter Lights Canary Wharf 2023 (London -UK) 18-28 January 2023

Kinetic installation 'Marbles'

The installation is a large marble track that rotates itself. The marble track is 3.5m high and has the shape of a marble. The marble track is illuminated with 60m digital LED strips. The marble track follows the surface of a sphere (a marble) and spirals around the sphere from top to bottom. With a spindle at the axis of the installation, the marble is lifted to the top again.

Click here for the video-link to youtube


Festivals & Exhibitions:

Opening Academiehuis / Grote Kerk Zwolle - 19 Januari 2023


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